Senior Project 2021

Let’s Bulldoze It

Slip cast porcelain, stoneware, high and low fire glaze, acrylic paint, acrylic sheet

25 x 28 x 25 inches

Let’s Bulldoze It contrasts what humans value and what we destroy by magnifying the connections between people and the nearby ecology we often overlook. Eight of South Carolina’s endangered species are encased in geometric forms, representing human-made geodes. The carefully crafted dioramas are contrasted with the harsh title, inviting the viewer to reconsider their environmental impact which is often influenced by what society values and devalues. Hidden treasures in nature persist and can be found if we take the time to look.

Individual sculptures $65 each (please use contact form if interested)

Download the informational brochure to learn more about the eight featured species.

Progress Photos

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