I am a senior at Furman University, Greenville, SC, where I am double majoring in Studio Art and Sustainability Science, and have taken 15 General Education Requirements. At Furman, I work as a Teaching Assistant for Ceramics and Student Assistant for the Art Department.

I was accepted to the Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC during my freshman-senior year of high school, which shaped and pushed my work ethic, curiosity, passion for all art forms, and conceptual work. My work focuses on form, detail, how elements work together, impact on others, and connection to a place. My art captures overcoming internal hardships and the fitting together of elements, symbolizing the power of people. I focus on the concept of hidden treasures that are found within nature, if we take the time to look, leading to self-renewal. I am also using these overlooked elements of the environment to show the importance of conservation and sustainability.

At Furman, in the Sustainability Science department, I am interested in the education and health sectors. I have taken classes including Environmental Science (studying Earth’s planetary boundaries), Dynamic System Modeling (used Stella software to model human-environment relationships using feedback loops), Social Systems (actors, institutions, and policies that shape societal and environmental health), and Sustainability and Social Justice (environmental justice and impacts of actions on different social groups).

By combining my three interests in art, sustainability, and education, I hope to become an art teacher and Ceramics professor, infusing sustainability concepts and competencies, such as strategic and systems thinking, into the art I teach.

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