Metal Sculpture

Bedrock. A silver hinged box with three prong set stones (2019).

I chose the title because a jewelry box is like a bed because beds store us when we are not “in use,” or active throughout the day. The item that lays in each container is important—if the objects never rested, the cases would not have a purpose.

Roads of Hope. Brass bowl and copper lid, acid-etched, soldered, finished with a heat patina. Winding roads often lead to hidden treasures if you look hard enough. Inspired by Spaghetti Junction.

Roads. Silver and brass two piece acid-etched and soldered ring with a maze on top. (Right middle and bottom images)

Buried Treasures. Brass, copper, enamel window box using Plique-a-jour technique

Flower Ring. Copper, enamel using Plique-a-jour and lost wax casting techniques

Wall Panels. Copper, enamel using En Plein technique

Reversible Necklace. Copper, nickel, enamel.

Water Sculptures and Cuttlefish Castings. Silver

The above images are of jewelry made from silver, brass, copper, and nickel. Techniques include enamel (Plique-a-jour, En Plein), acid-etching, cuttlefish casting, lost-wax casting, and soldering.

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