14. Slab Web

Slab Web. This slab bowl has motifs inspired by webbing found within different aspects of nature such as spider webs and bird feet on the outside and inside corners.


Support (close)Support II (short frame)

Ant Support. Slip-cast stoneware, 41 pieces, encased in handmade wooden frames that hang suspended or against a wall. Size and color communicate my ideas of showing value in microfauna that are often overlooked – the forms are hand-held in size and have earth tones on the outside and golden tones on the inside. Ants convey contrast between magnificence and minuteness, resilience and decay, and growth and destructiveness, similar to water. Ants can be destructive, like floods Morganton, NC (where the piece is displayed), but also facilitate growth and diversity within a garden. Ants have plasticity and resilience and no form stands alone, representing what is needed for flourishing within a community.


Ant. Each form represents a segment of an ant – abdomen, petiole, thorax, and head. The golden tones and water on the inside invite the viewer to look into the piece.

Within the Ocean

Within the Ocean.

Hourglass PuzzleHourglass Separated

Together. These pieces are coil built, each representing a member of my family. The pieces can be taken apart and held by the viewer and serve as functional vases. I layered glazes to create visually textured earth tones.


13. Touching Moss II

A Swirl of Moss Close Kiss

Touching Moss. This piece was made by connecting five forms, using slab, coil, and pinching, to create a representational form of something found in nature. Moveable pieces allow for viewer interaction. The “couch” that the main section is resting on fits underneath and is almost hidden, but without it, the piece would not stand.

Stained ceramic slab piece, printed with hand made clay stamps.


My first coil pot (2017)

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