Support (close)Support II (short frame)

Ant Support. Slip-cast stoneware, 41 pieces, encased in handmade wooden frames that hang suspended or against a wall. Earth tones on the outside, glowing gold on the inside to make the viewer interact with the piece.


Ant. Water vessels.

Hourglass PuzzleHourglass Separated

Hourglass. Hand-built, each piece represents a member of my family.

A Swirl of MossA Swirl of Moss Close KissA Swirl of Moss

Moss Collector. Hand-build from connecting 5 different pieces. The “couch” that the main section is resting on fits underneath and is almost hidden, but without it, the piece would not stand. (2017)

Stained ceramic slab piece, printed with hand made clay stamps.


My first coil pot (2017).

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