Curriculum Idea

Curriculum idea for the TOSS’ after school classes:

Art Concept

Independent Art Making – Students developing the skills to imagine and create art without the direct instruction of the teacher.

Artists and Artwork

Vincent van Gogh: self-taught painter who looked to examples of Japanese woodblock printmaking and innovations of his colleagues. He ultimately developed a personal style that showed his emotional turmoil as a child, unable to do well in school.


Bill Taylor: He is a self-taught artist who was homeless and began by making small scale drawings and paintings with any material he could find. He made images of simplified figures of people, places, and symbols based on past experiences. He worked quickly on each piece, giving himself limited time and limited supplies.


Art Project – Supplies and Procedure

Elementary School:
Sketch in museums- replicate your favorite parts of multiple pieces, 3D and 2D, into one sketch or sketch shapes and lines based on how a piece makes you feel. (paper, pencils, pens, markers for colors of emotions)
Work on filling up the page in a sketch of trees outside. (paper, pencil)
Only paint or draw the negative space in a scene. (paper, pencil)
Make a sculpture only out of things you find in your trashcan, yard, or kitchen that was going to get thrown away anyways. (glue)
Make a painting with mud and wild berries from your yard. (paper)

Middle School:
Remember art that has previously interested you, figure out why you like it, and paint based on those specific elements and principles that first drew your attention. (paint, paper/canvas, brushes, cup of water)
Paint nonrepresentational paintings that express what emotions you have felt in the past week- make a log of one emotion you have strongly felt per day in a notebook if needed before you start the project. (paint, cup of water, paper/canvas, brushes, notebook)
Sketch a self-portrait using a mirror.
Paint a self-portrait by taking a picture of yourself, printing it out, putting a gridded sheet over it, gridding a large sheet of paper, and looking at each square of the picture individually to focus on shape and proportion on a smaller scale, to then create something large in a non-intimidating way. (Paper, ruler, pencil, paint, grid sheet)
Set a timer and give yourself five minutes to fill up a page with charcoal. This will teach you to be loose, free, fast, and expressive. (charcoal, paper, timer/phone)

Project/Artist Research

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